• International brands
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  • International brands

  • Contract manufacturing and Lab

  • Chemical/Technical services

Our Quality Brands

Leading our own brands is the Viminova® range of supplements. Launched in 1956 the range covers a series of unique vitamin and mineral food supplements.

The brand includes food supplements for pregnancy in the form of Pregnatal®. Over and above that we have multivitamin and mineral supplements for children and adults as well as specialised supplements for seniors.

The HEALTHCARE® series are single vitamin products. They are all formulated as tablets that are either tasty chew able tablets or tablets with an extended absorption effect acting as a depot tablet.

Vitalinova® Tonic is a unique and palatable tonic to be used as an energy booster. It is often used by seniors after disease and during rehabilitation periods.

Scanpharm is specialized in manufacturing and handling of Rx, (Including Narcotics), OTC & Food Supplements.

Scanpharm maintains a valid Manufacturer’s GMP Certificate (Paragraph 39) and is regularly audited by the Danish Health and Medicines Authorities.

Scanpharm cares for health – around the world.

Scanpharm plays a role in the  in general improvement of health by supplementation.

We do this through our own branded products and the products that we manufacture under contract for other companies.

Scanpharm employs around 45 people on 2 sites in Denmark. Today, the Scanpharm products are marketed in more than 50 markets.

We can help you with...


We perform high quality manufacturing of your tablets, capsules, liquids and powder/granulates. Read more…

Packing and Storage

We have extensive experience in packing and repacking as well as a large warehouse for storage at room and refrigerated temperatures. Read more…


We run a well-equipped cGMP laboratory for analysis. Read more…

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Latest Blog Posts

  • HEALTHCARE® Mega C-500 mg

    HEALTHCARE® Mega C-500 mg

    Mega-C 500 mg vitamin C slow release tablet for adults . Vitamin C contributes to the normal function of the immune system.

  • HEALTHCARE® Mega C-1500 mg

    HEALTHCARE® Mega C-1500 mg

    Mega-C 1500 mg vitamin C slow release tablet for adults. Strong Ascorbic acid formulation for prevention or treatment of Vitamin C deficiency.

  • Vitalinova® Tonic

    Vitalinova® Tonic

    For adults/seniors. For increased energy level. A unique tasty vitality tonic for use during reconvalescence, in fatigue or for elderly with lowered vitality.