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Care for Health – around the World

Scanpharm’s range of premium quality pharmaceuticals and food supplement brands contribute to improved health in more than 50 countries around the world. All our products are manufactured under strict quality control at our sites in Denmark.

Since Scanpharm started its business operations in 1951, a large number of highly esteemed and professional local companies have distributed and marketed the Scanpharm products in their home markets. They have succeeded in both building strong brand values, in contributing to improved health in their markets and in making a good business. The Scanpharm products are usually distributed to end users via pharmacies or drugstores, their educated staffs promoting the product benefits to the consumers.

In close collaboration with the local distributor, Scanpharm ensures that the general practitioners and specialists are kept aware of all important product details. To build and maintain brand awareness the Scanpharm brands are often marketed in local media and by means of Point of Sales materials in the outlets.

Become a distributor

Experienced Distributors represent Scanpharm and market our products in each served market. Distributor candidates for currently non-covered markets are invited to propose their services.

Are you interested in becoming one of our future business partners for local import, distribution and marketing?

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Scanpharm is specialized in manufacturing and handling of Rx, (Including Narcotics), OTC & Food Supplements.

Scanpharm maintains a valid Manufacturer’s GMP Certificate (Paragraph 39) and is regularly audited by the Danish Health and Medicines Authorities.

Pharmaceutical brands

Novagesic® Flu capsules
Dapson Scanpharm® tablets
Bevidoxine® Forte tablets
Codamol® tablets
Scanol® tablets

Paracetamol “Scanpharm”® Suppositories

Veterinary Pharmaceuticals

Trimazin® Forte Vet granulate.

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